I Don’t Approve Of This Message

hide fabric

I’m all for humorous memes and silly jokes, but this one isn’t funny. “My husband lets me buy all the fabric I can hide.” This implies that he doesn’t know you bought it, doesn’t like that you have it, and even possibly that you’re using his money without his knowledge. Not okay!

Now, if you’re in this boat, here’s what I recommend:

  • Communicate with your husband! If you want fabric and you can’t afford it, discuss ways to increase your income and/or decrease your expenses. Spending money you don’t have and racking up credit card debt bites you soon enough.
  • Learn how to be thrifty. In the beginning, quilting was a way to use up scraps of fabric to make blankets and keep your family warm. Do you have scraps of fabric? I bet you do. If you truly don’t, try garage sales, thrift shops, guild sales, and remnant bins at fabric stores. I’ve seen amazingly beautiful things made out of jeans, lunch bags, handkerchiefs, baby clothes, and more.
  • Are you feeling guilty about your stash? Maybe it’s time to make some scrap quilts, or piece backings, or otherwise use up some of your abundant fabric stash. Or, if you’re really itching for the newest lines of fabric, have a sale! You won’t get the price you paid for those 90’s calico’s, but someone will be delighted to have them and now you have spending money.

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