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Red and White Challenge – Crumbs Pillow

Look what I made! This fun heart-shaped pillow is crumb-pieced from scraps of fabrics with only reds and whites. No pinks or browns, only shades of reds and whites. It was made for my friend Kim’s Project Quilting Challenge for this month. Of course, I got it finished in the nick of time.


When crumb quilting, I usually piece all my bits together regardless of color. Limiting it to only two was a creative stretch and I’m pleased with the final product. We’re not a pretty pillow household, so it’s in my etsy shop for someone to adopt and love.

Special pricing today only! The 25% off all made items ends with August. This pillow’s $42 but you can have it for only $31.50 if you act quickly.×12?


Do you want to learn this technique? I’m teaching a class at SLO Creative Studio in San Luis Obispo, CA on November 7th. Sign up at


Bad Ass Quilt – It’s Not a Fish

I’m the guest blogger today over at Bad Ass Quilter’s Society. Don’t be alarmed by the title over there. The naked quilting series is about quilts, not bodies. I wrote about my quilt, “It’s Not A Fish,” which was made after a miscarriage. Check that article out and then head back here for some bonus information.

not a fish whole



Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. My two answers, invariably, were an artist and a mommy. So, of course, this baby was wanted.

mom not fish

The two silhouettes in the last column were traced from family photographs. Mom is looking forward with hope and my cousin Jasmine is screaming.

jas not fish

The guild challenge was to make a row (or column) quilt. It had to use three floral fabrics and have at least five rows. Do you see the flowers? The fabric used for the fish is also floral.

fish flowers

This quilt told me that it needed to be mostly grey. (Does your art speak to you? This piece was very specific!) Since I only had one grey fabric in my stash, I reached out to friends who were generous with their scraps. Thanks guys.

I designed the paper-piece pattern for the hearts. They gradually go from mostly warm (browns) to mostly cold (greys) without completely becoming one temperature or the other.

pp hearts


On the day I lost my baby, I wanted absolute quiet. No activity or noise at all. Certainly no conversation. Later, talking would become important.

When I told my aunt what happened she suggested that I change my labels: a miscarriage, rather than my miscarriage. Words are important. It’s not my fault.

I started seeing a therapist a few weeks after miscarrying. It was one of the best things I could do, deciding actively focus on healing. Our sessions included dealing with the loss of my mom when I was 14.

What’s your experience with art? Creating is one of my healthiest ways to express loss. It’s also a delight to make things about connection and new beginnings.




25% off most items in my Etsy shop through the end of August. Enjoy!


Autumn Awesomeness for This Quilter

I predicted that 2014 would be a great year for QUILTArtbyMegan. Well, looks like I was right! I’ve been working on a little bit every day, even on the days when I don’t feel creatively inspired. Those ten-minutes at a time do really add up! Here’s what’s on the horizon.

Quilt shows! Several of my quilts will be in shows this autumn. “Picking Up the Pieces” will be part of the Badass Quilters’ Society exhibit at the American Quilt Society’s quilt week in Des Moines, IA. If you’re in the area from October 1st-4th pop in and check it out! I’d love to see a photo of you standing in front of it. (Hint, hint.) Yes, this is the same quilt that won the first place in the large quilts category at a local show a few years ago. I’m so excited to be showing it to a whole new group of people!


I’m also Picking Up The Pieces

There’s also a show in October for my new local guild. Local changes when I move, ya know. I’m showing a few quilts in this one, too. I’ll show you which ones those are as the date gets closer. This is a good place to find me if you wanna give me an in-person hug. 🙂 For now there’s quilting, binding, and sewing sleeves to the back in my to-do list.

SV Quilt showLike my crumb quilts? I’ll be teaching a class on my technique on November 7th at SLO Creative in San Luis Obispo, CA. It’s called “Crumbled Placemats.” Here’s the official description:

Beginner friendly, Megan Null’s technique is all straight lines. Make a placemat in class or get a start on a larger project. Great for quilts, bags, pillows and more.

I’m quilting one of the samples tonight.
quilting placemat

What else? Oh! I’m working on a guest blogger entry for a larger blog. It’s about a quilt that helped me process a huge event in my life. I’m very excited to be sharing my story and will keep you updated on when to expect that “in print”. You know, the online kind instead of the paper kind. Unless you want to print it out. I’m totally cool with that.

Also, I’ve gotten a few requests to see the finished t-shirt quilt I was working on. So here’s that. Ta-da! Thanks go to my hubby and his step-dad for their arms.

solar finish


Little Things Sale

It’s often the little moments that mean the most. It’s the first bite into the watermelon I grew in the backyard, laughing at my feminist husband’s intentionally sexist comment, a sweet card from an uncle I haven’t seen in over a decade, waking up (yay, it’s not real,) from a nightmare. It’s catching up with good friends, a new crock-pot, baby pictures, and successful garage sales.

Here are a few of the smaller items in my etsy shop that are on sale for 25% off. The holidays will be here before you know it, it’s good to stock up on some of these early…. especially since this sale ends when August does. Gift Cards Collage Whoops. This should say gift card holders. Holidays Collage Christmas and Hanukkah so far. I’ll be adding more holidays’ items soon. Mug Rugs Collage Pretty and sweet. Good for cookies and milk, tea and biscuits, coffee and whatever you coffee drinkers eat with that stuff. 🙂 They’re stuffed with 100% cotton batting so they can also be used as hot pads and trivets.Pillows and Shams Collage

Custom pillows are also available.Scarves CollageThese scarves will keep you pretty and warm… and pretty warm.

I’ll have photos and prices of some of the quilts that are on sale in the next post. In the meantime, you can see them all in my Etsy shop.

Also, some of my quilts will be in shows in Simi Valley, California and De Moines, Iowa ! More details on that soon.