Artist. Not just a quilt artist.

I remember my purple bedroom with the hollowed-out-closet turned art studio. It was AWESOME! At five, this was waaaay better than a trip to Disney. I sat in there for hours at my little desk coloring, drawing, stamping, creating. I had to get permission for messy stuff like glue, paint, and clay but my parents made sure that I got to use them sometimes too.

My husband and I are getting an art studio ready for me in this house. It’s a bedroom that was a storage room. The things that were in there have sorted, organized, and put in their proper places so now it’s empty and ready for sprucing up. Yes, the row of shelving stays. I get to fill it up with fabric!

studio before 1We got rid of the smelly carpet, threadbare curtains, and popcorn ceiling treatment. The weird shape on the window is from the brown packaging tape holding it together. It’ll need to be replaced. We got rid of the 7The first things accomplished getting rid of the carpet, tossing the curtains, and scraping the popcorn treatment off the ceiling.

my studio minus carpet curtains and popcorn ceilingI had a circus party in the closet studio house. The invitations were tickets I made. I painted our windows (half dish soap, and half paint) with balloons, clowns, and animals. We made a train down to the basement playroom. Hands on the shoulders of the kid in front of you. No pushing! There was a face-painting station and a cake with a train on it. Such fun!

At 31, I can still taste being five years old. So I’ve decided to play! I’m joining a meet-up for art journalling in my area. My first meeting is this Friday morning. I’m hoping to make friends and to play. Not to make anything specific or become a world-famous collage maker or painter, but to play with other artists.

cupcakes and lollipops journal pageHere’s the first page of my art journal. I stamped the background with bubble wrap, painted with cherry syrup, glued ribbon, brushed glitter nail polish on, and added the lettering. Who says you can’t create without art supplies? I knew what I wanted to say and made do with what I had. 🙂 I will be picking up a tray of kids’ watercolors from the dollar store before my meeting though. 🙂


Linking up to Val’s sewing room link party. Check it out if you want some ideas for your studio.



13 thoughts on “Artist. Not just a quilt artist.

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  6. Laurie

    That’s great Megan! Yup, I’m still the five year old, too. 😉

    I’m curious – why do t you post your blogs on FB anymore? I want to like and comment on them, but can’t.


    Aunt Laurie

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Teje

    Hi! I can imagine how exited you are fixing the NEW sewing room! Those selves are so perfect for Fabrics and other things! Looking for to see it finished! x Teje

  8. Deb@asimplelife Quilts

    How exciting! There is nothing better than starting out with a fresh space to create in. I’ve been in my dedicated sewing room for almost 2 years now and I learned so much during the process of planning, moving and getting settled in. Have fun making this space your own…

  9. Valerie Reynolds

    Thanks for the invite….looks like you are going to have a huge bookcase to fill too!! It’s so much fun creating a new space isn’t it!! I’m looking forward to watching your progress! So glad you found us and shared this at Tuesday Archives this week!!


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