Fine Art Doesn’t Belong in the Nursery

My for-sale quilts (mostly) are for two kinds of customers: lovers of heirlooms and fine art; and those shopping for baby. I also have arm warmers and table runners but I’m mostly in those two categories. I’m working hard on learning marketing and merchandising and came across this great article.



This article includes photographs of booths whose displays enhance their products. Landscape paintings are on easels made of tree limbs and natural soap is in an antique washing machine.

big megan with photo


This got me thinking my photographs in this blog and the etsy shop. A future craft booth would look different depending on the audience I’m looking to reach. How much better would it be if the products were displayed more relevantly? Art quilts like the portrait quilt above should be in a minimalist, gallery-like setting. Maybe they’re hung on a black curtain with spot-lighting. Balloons and brightly colored backdrops would not be appropriate. They could be photographed above a beautiful fireplace or fancy bed.

pink d9p finished

Baby quilts, on the other hand wouldn’t make sense in that setting. Maybe they’re draped over a crib or spilling out the drawers of a changing table. A kids’ picnic table and stuffed animals would be awesome. As for photographs, why not have a baby playing on the quilts?

duckie bibs double sided

I don’t have these props yet but some of them can be found cheaply at thrift stores and yard sales. We have no other use for a crib but I’ll be on the lookout for a rocking chair… and a local friend with a baby. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Fine Art Doesn’t Belong in the Nursery

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  3. soma1773

    Your portrait quilt is beautiful!! Great post. We recently moved to a new place and I have been trying to take pictures of my quilts at different spots that provide related backgrounds. Great way to explore the new area too.


  4. Heidi

    Hi Megan, Thank you for stopping by my blog with your sweet comment. You are no-reply, which worked well as I was able to enjoy a visit to your blog to admire your work 😉 I do not have need for a crib either, nor space / lighting for indoor photos. I take baby quilts to the park for the best photos. Have fun, and bring business cards with you in case you drum up interest while there!

  5. Kylie

    I’ve been thinking about this too. I decided to focus on baby quilts because they are satisfying and quicker to make and there is a good market for them. But I don’t have a crib anymore and our fence is not a great backdrop. My kids’ room are way too cluttered. What to do?

    1. QUILTArtbyMegan Post author

      I woke up with an idea tonight. The kids’ play area at a park could have some good photo backgrounds and props: monkey bars, jumping bridges, see-saw. I have one within walking distance and may check it out once I finish binding this sweet floral quilt.


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