Tiny Roller to the Rescue

Paint’s drying in my new studio as I speak. I used a brush and the tiny roller in this photo on the door jam. The ceiling, walls, trim and closet doors (on the floor) were all sprayed. The room’s so shiny and white now!
tiny roller painting

Next up is removing the tiles and installing the ceiling fan. We’ll also put the covers back on the outlets and replace the doorknob. Hardwood flooring and a window are on order and should be here in the next week or two. It’ll be move-in day before you know it!

Our other big project this week was making and canning soup. Two large pots of turkey, vegetables, spices and pasta made for fifteen quarts of soup. All of the lids popped so they’re sealed for the pantry. I loooove my husband’s soup recipe. Now it’s easy to open a jar and have some anytime I want.turkey noodle soups 15

Canning soup is cheap too. The lids and ingredients for this amount comes out to around $28. I’m not including the cost of the jars and bands because they’re an initial expense but will last forever. We get about 3 servings out of each quart. Price per serving is $0.62…. and this tastes much better than any canned soup at the store. Win!

What projects are you working on?



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10 thoughts on “Tiny Roller to the Rescue

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    1. QUILTArtbyMegan Post author

      We don’t have a pressure cooker or a pot large enough to submerge the jars in a water bath. So we did some research and found a method that uses an oven. We heated the soup to boiling before putting it into the clean jars then capped ’em and put them in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour. The lids started sucking down and popping audibly around 15 minutes after we took them out of the heat. It was fascinating and fun!

  2. Nancy

    Your studio will be fabulous with all that light and the built-in shelves! I’ve used those little rollers before, too, and like them a lot for small jobs. Yum to the soup. I’ve heard great things about homemade and home-canned soup but have never made any myself. Maybe one day. I have all the canning supplies.

    1. QUILTArtbyMegan Post author

      I’d never used the tiny roller before. It was surprisingly helpful. Having all the canning supplies is good. Then whenever you want to try canning you don’t have to run to the store first. 🙂

  3. quiltingjetgirl

    Sometimes having the right tool makes all the difference! Thank you for linking up; if you are linking to a blog post, I would really, really appreciate a link back to my blog somewhere in your post.


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