Day 6: I Made a New Friend

A #31dayblogchallenge post.

I made a new friend last night. We’ve known each other for years. She’s my neighbor. It all started when I showed her my studio. The conversations are private but here’s what my studio looked like after an hour. We bonded over art and stories. Can you see how many quilts are laid out? So much fun.



4 thoughts on “Day 6: I Made a New Friend

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  2. Carri Miller

    Megan, I am so touched by your words of friendship and understanding. As I looked at your beautiful , beautiful art, I was both humbled and grateful at the same time. I could “feel” your work, and to know that you use your gift to give back to others and give some peace into this hectic world is incredible. God has blessed you, You are an example of His work in progress !
    Carri ♡


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