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Day 11: Donate These Non-Food Items at the Canned Food Drive

Another #31dayblogchallenge post.

There are a lot of canned food drives happening now for food banks. Awesome! Please donate what you can. Did you know that they also accept non-food items? A friend of mine recently was given light bulbs at his appointment and received deodorant at another visit. Here are the most helpful things to donate.

Socks. They’re the most needed item at homeless shelters and the people who need them also go to food banks. Socks wear out the quickest of any clothing item. They’re a moral boost and a comfort item in addition to providing heat. Ever walk around with holes in your threadbare socks all day? Imagine that’s your only pair.


Baby Toiletries. Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby shampoo, etc. Don’t forget baby when you donate food. Formula is in high demand.


Toiletries. Maxi pads, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, razors, hand sanitizer.


Paper plates were super helpful back when we lived in a motel. Dog food is a relief for those who choose to live in their car rather than give up their beloved companion. Chocolate bars are a fun treat.



I’m still looking for more tree blocks to finish the final border on the turtles quilt. This is a community project for Crystal Lake Camps. Will you please help? Details and a tutorial can be found here. 



Step-tember: Walking and Fundraising for Awesome People!

I’m raising awareness and fundraising for people with cerebral palsy this month. It’s step-tember as I walk 10,000 steps a day for 28 days! Coming into this straight from the couch I’m a lot sweaty and a bit sore. Okay, very sore. 🙂 but it’s worth the struggle. I’m getting healthy at the same time that I’m supporting services for people who have cerebral palsy like these two ladies, Maysoon and Rebecca.

I saw an inspiring YouTube video a few months ago. It was a Ted Talk by comedian Maysoon Zayid, who happens to have cerebral palsy. At one point Maysoon shares, “My father taught me how to walk when I was five years old by placing my heels on his feet and just walking.” Watch it! She is informative, hilarious an an advocate for people with disabilities.

Rebecca is my friend and teammate’s daughter. (We’re in teams of four during step-tember.) She’s a martial artist, as you can see in this photograph. Watch the knee, Rebecca! She does the laundry every week for her family, plays “Cards Against Humanity,” and travels when she’s not kicking um… butt.

kickass rebecca


Would you please take a moment to donate to this worthy cause? For me, it’d feel like you guys are holding up “Yay Megan” signs on the sidelines of a marathon. I have walked 49,800 steps so far. For those in need, it would mean much, much more. Even the smallest amounts mean big changes in the lives of children and adults with these disabilities.

$25 Pays for an adapted toy for a child with a disability.

$50 Provides support services to families of individuals with disabilities.

$100 Provides direct physical, occupational, or speech therapy services to individuals of all ages with disabilities.

$200 Provides Adaptive Feeding equipment for people living with cerebral palsy.

$500 Pays for a piece of assistive technology to help clients communicate.