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Garden Harvest

gardendinerMary, Mary, quite Contrary how does your garden grow? It’s time for a gardening wrap-up! Is anything on your dinner plate home-grown? The carrots and potatoes shown were harvested this week. Mmmm yum.

We grew carrots, onions and garlic in the front flowerbed. Carrots pretty much took over the world. They bullied the garlic out of getting enough sunlight so those heads are marble-sized. Otherwise, the onions held their own and are relaxing in our crisper. We have a LOT of juicy sweet carrots. I got to bring some to my quilting friends last night at mini-group!

First Corn

The backyard had pumpkin plants that died, watermelon that thrived, potatoes in tire planters where we couldn’t tell if they were making tubers or not, and corn that was quite popular with the wildlife. You can see some of the troubles we had with the corn in this post. Some of the plants recovered and we put more seeds to ground. The corn was delicious, especially fresh from the field straight to the pot. Unfortunately, we lost over half the ears to birds. Apparently, everybody likes corn.


Now I can tell you about THE POTATOES!!!!!!! We harvested the potatoes on Wednesday from the tires. Remember the tire planters? I was scared that we wouldn’t find any tubers. The plants have been growing fine all summer out of the top of the tires but that wasn’t any indication that underground things were okie-dokie. I was so excited to dig potatoes out of the dirt that I didn’t get any photos of that process. A video probably would’ve been more appropriate anyway because my husband was giggling at me exclaiming “tatohhhhs” every time I found another grouping.

hosewashingThese yukon gold potatoes are the BEST for mashed potatoes. Once they were all harvested and washed, the lot weighed in at 23 lbs.

I’m thinking about next year’s garden as I sew the binding on this round robin quilt. Tomatoes are in order. I’d like to start some asparagus plants too, though they can’t be touched for three years until established. My husband and I have also been talking about sowing some cold-weather crops, since the winter is so mild here. Broccoli and peas are on that list. I think we’re hooked on gardening!



Open Your Ears (Of Corn)



I picked the first few ears of corn from the backyard this morning! Ooooh I’m excited. Couldn’t quite believe that they were done and unharmed so I opened one fully and took some leaves off the husk of the others. Look how pretty they are on the bale of hay. Looks like we’re on a real farm and everything.
First CornOf course, we’re not on a farm. Our neighbor’s over that fence behind the cornstalks. Still, we have a nice little plot going and it’ll continue to produce corn for weeks to come. Backyard CornfieldMy in-laws are coming over today so my husband has asked that I wait to eat the corn. That way we can share with them. Waiting’s hard. I’m sure they’ll be delicious!

We’re also growing carrots, onions, garlic, watermelon and potatoes. The carrots are yummy… but don’t last long enough to take a photo. Even if I run, by the time I get the camera there’s only a carrot top left. Fresh carrots are sweet! The rest of the foods aren’t yet ready. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂